Introduction to Vermicomposting

In nature, all organic matter eventually decomposes. 'Vermicomposting' is composting using worms, ie feeding worms with decomposing organic waste. This organic waste passes through an earthworm's gut and undergoes a physical and chemical breakdown which grinds the material down to a particle size of 1-2 microns (0.000001 to 0.000002 metres). The resulting product - called 'wormcastings' - is rich in nutrients which are readily soluble in water, and make excellent organic 'biofertilisers' for plants.

Earthworms play a key role in soil biology by serving as versatile 'bioreactors' to effectively harness beneficial soil microflora and destroy soil pathogens, thus converting organic wastes into valuable biofertilisers containing biopesticides, vitamins, enzymes, antibiotics, growth hormones and proteinous worm mass. They also provide an extremely cost-effective waste-management technology.

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